A Life Altering Decision

Two other offers had been made on the day I called the realtor. Ironic since the property had generated no interest for months. The realtor said we had until the end of the week to submit our offer to the bank. James was out of town and because of poor cell reception I didn’t know if I would talk to him before I had to decide. Mom’s response was, “It’s a big project,” so no help there. 

What to do…

I looked at the videos and photos over and over. I talked it over with people I trusted. If I did it, there was no doubt what my offer would be. The number was stuck in my head. If only I could talk to James and get his input. I knew he would support my decision but this would change both our lives. He deserved a say in it.

What to do…

James called.

“I think I’m going to buy a house.”


“Remember the one I showed you online? The one my Mom sent us pictures of?”


“Should we buy it? I have to do it now.”

“Go for it.”

Done. Offer made. Bank accepted. Papers signed. It only took about a week and we owned this beast. For good or bad, it was ours. It was the biggest check we ever wrote. 2000 miles away our future sat on 2 acres of overgrown farmland. The only one who had actually been inside was my Mom. I told her I trusted her instincts. She had flipped over 25 properties in her career. “Oh, great,” she said.

…too late now Mom.

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